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1st EuroMillions with Plus Syndicate
Irish Lotto with Plus 1 and Plus 2
Syndicate in Ireland.

Join us and play EuroMillions with PLUS
and Irish Lotto with PLUS 1 and PLUS 2 for 365 days!

Become a member of
and play with us on each draw all year long,
for 365 days.

Lotto Syndicate Ireland - Konrad Onacik - CV

     Since you found this website it means as much as I do, you look for the way to win the main prize in EuroMillions or Irish Lotto.

      I can assure you, there's no such way and if somebody tells you there is, the person simply wants to trick you.

     As mathematician I was trying to figure it out with probability calculus, trying to use the most recurrent numbers likewise the less recurrent numbers, even or odd numbers, numbers from the first part of the set counting from 1 to 50 and the second half. I was trying to create smaller sets of numbers and was looking for safe assumption. I even read "The Lotto Black Book" and played using all the formulas mentioned there.

         After all I am sure such formula doesn’t exist.

     However there is something else that you cannot reconcile with. Lotto system came into being to simply derive money from people. Most of us buy at least one coupon on each draw to hopefully see longed for numbers.

      You don’t need a Master Degree to figure out that buying only one coupon EuroMillions on each draw you spend €208.00 annually.
        If you would like to play EuroMillions with PLUS your cost will be €312.00 annually.

       You can always say that propabillity of winning in EuroMillions is very low so thats why you prefer to play Irish Lotto. As we know the cost for one ticket in Irish Lotto is €1.50 so this is less then EuroMillions, but unfortunatelly in Irish Lotto you have to buy minimum 2 lines on your ticket, so your annual cost will be €312.00 again.
       If you would like to spent an extra 50 cents on each line you can play Irish Lotto with PLUS 1 and PLUS 2. This kind of game will cost you €416.00 per annually.

          You can trust me that some of us spend much, much more…

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      Did you ever think about the reason of spending so much money especially during economic crisis
while everyone else is just waiting for your money?

I would like to offer you joining the and play with us in
EuroMillions with PLUS
Irish Lotto with PLUS 1 and PLUS 2
for all year long, with at least one raw on each draw.