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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why this website came into being?

2. Who can join the syndicate?

3. How much is the membership?

4. What kind of members has

5. Can I become The Gold Lucky Member, but on different position then
from 161 to 165?

6. That is to say, your membership fee gives you
104 wagers a year guarantee?

7. Will we play EuroMillions with PLUS
and Irish Lotto with PLUS also?

8. So how many lines do I play with for my membership fee?

9. Why maximum lines in EuroMillions will be 5
and maximum lines in Lotto will be 8?

10. Do you have any pattern for picking numbers on the tickets?

11. It means the more members the better?

12. Why there are only 165 members?

13. Where is the trick?

14. How to report my membership?

15. What else do I have to do?

16. I don’t have PayPal account. Can I send membership fee in other way?

17. Why do I need to give my mobile number?

18. What happens if my mobile number is changed?

19. Can I admit my membership other way, on the phone for example?

20. Why there’s a mobile number on website then?

21. Is there any chance to give a call for questions?

22. What happens if we won’t win current draw?

23. What happens if we win any prize?

24. What happens after a year of my membership?

25. Can I continue playing after a year of my membership?

26. What happens if we win Jackpot main prize?

27. Are there any other costs involved?

28. Is legalized in Ireland?

29. Who am I?

30. Why am I doing this?

This website exists to connect all the people living in Ireland with same interest in
EuroMillions and Lotto games.
Also to derive the pleasure of playing EuroMillions and Irish Lotto at the same time, saving your money and time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Syndicate can be joined by everyone who is over 18 and owns active mobile number.

Frequently Asked Questions

The membership fee for regular members cost €20.00 and is valid all year long, it means 365 days.

During this period there will be taken 104 draws in EuroMillions with PLUS
and 104 draws in Irish Lotto with PLUS 1 and PLUS 2.

Frequently Asked Questions has regular members and The Gold Lucky Members.
Regular members are members on the list positions from 1 to 160 and membership for them is €20.00.

The Gold Lucky Members are only 5 members and will hold positions from 161 to 165.
The Gold Lucky Members membership is valid all year long, it means 365 days.
The Gold Lucky Members play with maximum numbers of lines from the first draw.
The Gold Lucky Members do not wait for the other members to get more lines and higher odds as well,
but as a commander observes everything from the top of the list.
The Gold Lucky Members join as the last players
and will live the game as the last players also.

This position is the best for every players but cost €30.00.

Frequently Asked Questions


If you would like to be The Gold Lucky Member, you have to sign on the list at least as 5th last person.
There is no other way to become The Gold Lucky Members.

Frequently Asked Questions

Exactly like this or even more.
Membership fee secures you 104 draws in EuroMillions and Irish Lotto as well.

Draws in EuroMillions are on Tuesdays and Fridays what gives you 2 wagers a week.
Draws in Irish Lotto are on Wednesdays and Saturdays what gives you 2 wagers a week as well.
Each calendar year holds 52 weeks what gives 104 draws a year in each game.

Moreover there will be taken 104 draws in EuroMillions with PLUS what gives you 2 different games
and 104 draws in Irish Lotto with PLUS 1 and PLUS 2 what gives you 3 different games also.

As you can see membership fee secures you 104 draws in 5 different games.

Frequently Asked Questions

In fact. The II edition of I called PLUS because every EuroMillions tickets
and Irish Lotto ticket will be taken with PLUS.

PLUS in EuroMillions means that:

PLUS in Irish Lotto means that:

The word "YES" printed below "PLUS" on each ticket gives us access to 2 games on one EuroMillions ticket
and 3 games on one Irish Lotto ticket.

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends how many members are in the game.

While you join us and we’ll get up to 55 members you have guarantee to play with
1 line EuroMillions with PLUS and 2 lines Irish Lotto with PLUS.

When we get over 56 members, we will be followed by below pattern:

Frequently Asked Questions

I buy tickets on the website:

As you can check yourself the maximum lines on one ticket in EuroMillions are 5 lines.
The maximum lines on one ticket in Irish Lotto are 8 lines.

I think that if we only get opportunity we should take every chance above website gives us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Certainly I do.

On every EuroMillions tickets:

On every Irish Lotto tickets:

In first edition of we closed members’ list in less then one month and we had more
willing to play then places on the list. This gave us opportunity to play 5 lines in every draw.

I don’t really know how everything goes this time. I don’t really know do you like this edition or no.
But I do know that I’ll be more than happy if I could have more members this year then last year this time
and expand this edition for more games and more lines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes and no.

While you play on your own, the main prize is yours.
The more members in the game the more people to share with one prize.

This is fair play pattern:

The prize is always divided into all active members.

Now some math.
If minimum Jackpot is €15, 000, 000.00 and you will divide this number by
100 members it will give €150,000.00 to each member.

If this money is not enough for you, you can sign your spouse or partner
to doubble this prize into €300,000.00 into your family.

This is Big Money, don’t you think?

With this money you can start completely different chapter of life by investing only membership fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ll try to explain this as simple as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no trick.

You can play yourself if you want.
One EuroMillions line with PLUS cost €3.00, two Irish Lotto lines with PLUS cost €4.00.

If you play yourself after one and a half week you will spent €21.00. guarantee you the same numbers of lines or even more lines for 365 days.

Don’t you think that 52 weeks is better then 1,5 week?

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to join us, follow this 3 simple steps:

  1. write to my email address:

    give your name, second name, and mobile number.

  2. send €20.00 for regular members fee
    €30.00 if you are The Gold Lucky Member

    into my PayPal account


    is my account number.

    PayPal is always free to send money to friends
    when you use your PayPal balance or bank account.

  3. you can «like it» our fanpage on Facebook to get access to monthly statistics.

As soon as your membership fee arrives I will add you to the membership list with
your name, initial of your surname and last four mobile digits in the MEMBERS bookmark of the website.

Frequently Asked Questions

N O T H I N G.

With the moment you pay in the membership fee you become the active member of

Frequently Asked Questions

I presume that if you found this website, you know how to use web browser as well.

If you still don’t have PayPal account, you can set it up very quick.
It takes you only few minutes and when you do this you can use your new PayPal account
to do shopping in internet in the future.
You can buy anything you want on Amazon, eBay, Done Deal, Adverts, Gumtree,
pay for your Ryanair tickets, for hotels booking etc.
and pay for your goods by PayPal.
This is easy, secure and safe solution for me and you as well.

What is more, when you send your membership fee, I’ll have it in the same second without any delay.
You can feel as a member of on the same time as you click button « Send ».

When your membership is over I will resend you winning money into your PayPal account as well.
Please note that this can take up to 2 weeks after your membership is over.

I think there is no easiest way to connect and all members.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your mobile number gives me the quickest way to contact you in the case of winning big prize.

Frequently Asked Questions

This will automatically cross you out of membership list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately not.

The membership is possible only by email address.

Frequently Asked Questions

This number is given only for your safety.
Only this number

0863 10 00 10

will be used to inforn you in a case of winning big prize.

Frequently Asked Questions

This number won’t be answering, there’s only recorded voicemail as goes:

"Hi. You called the 

We are the Irish division joining the EuroMillions and Irish Lotto players.
If you want to join us send the email to following address: 

give your name, second name, and mobile number.
I will email you back to inform you how to pass in on your membership fee.


Lotto Syndicate Ireland."

This information is given to assure you the mobile number is real and also it is original

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to write me and I will answer as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

The draw ticket stays on the website for at least 24 hours to give everyone a chance
to check the numbers and compare them to the winning numbers.

Every Monday and Thursday I will upload new tickets for EuroMillions and Irish Lotto as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

If we win, the winning coupon will be visible on websites’ bookmark called


The prize will be divided into all active members and added to their personal accounts.
It takes place on the next day after draw.

Frequently Asked Questions

After a year, when your membership expires, you will be informed by email from
and the money will be sent into your PayPal account.

Frequently Asked Questions


If you’re only happy with your money and still want to play you may start the procedure
from the beginning.

You know how to do it now.

Frequently Asked Questions

In such situation all the active members accounts will be blocked
and the website stops its activity.
There will not be such need to keep us going because of the winning main prize.

I’ll contact each of you on the phone
0863 10 00 10
to give you good news.

As soon as we win Jackpot the main prize is being divided into all active members
and each of us gets the part of winning prize from:

National Lottery, Abbey Street Lower, Dublin 1.

From this day becomes only nice memory that closes one and opens
another door in our life.

No one knows, what future brings...

Frequently Asked Questions

Winning prize is being divided equally by the amount of active members, since only
death and taxes are sure, accordingly some tax may happen,
then it will be taken out of your prize.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is certainly.

As Math teacher, webmaster amateur by promoting this website with my name
I wouldn’t risk any fraud.

Besides everyone is capable to make his own syndicate since you can read about on
public lottery website

Syndicates - National Lottery Ireland

and this is what I do.

Frequently Asked Questions

As I mentioned before, I am qualified Math Teacher. I finished University in 2001

The Faculty of Mathematics with IT.

Numbers is my passion.

I always see numbers everywhere.
While walking I always calculate the shortest way to get my goal.
While driving I calculate petrol usage.
While shopping I observe changing prizes of same products.
In company I work to follow the shares prizes - calculating increase and decrease.
Simply saying: "I am fascinated in numbers".

Moreover as Math Teacher I always try to instil this Math passion to my students.
Mathematics is wonderful science and I honestly lament that so many people say they don’t like it.

My fondness for numbers brings me to make drawing statistics, analyse picked numbers
and to envisage future numbers in a draw.

Unfortunately I am not a wizard so I can not guarantee you that we will definitely win.

As Webmaster ’self taught’ I made the website which you are viewing at the moment
and I administer it myself.

Makes me happy to do my passion and something made with passion brings best results always.

Frequently Asked Questions

I like to play EuroMillions and I would like to start play Irish Lotto as well. I like the shivers of excitement which appear while checking numbers.
Sometimes the prize is bigger, sometimes smaller, but also satisfying.

A while ago I yearned for team game, will to share the game cost and prize with others,
to share main prize which none of us doesn’t really need for ourselves only.

Remember that only lack of money or disgustingly too much money we possess
brings real problems.

Joining you accept all the rules.

Kindly Regards

Lotto Syndicate Ireland - Signature
Konrad Onacik